Uesugi Farms sues State of California for damaged pepper crops


A lawsuit filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court seeks $10 million from the state for damages to crops grown in the Brentwood area caused by the state’s alleged misuse of an aquatic herbicide. Read more.

Sasha D. Sloup


Snider, Diehl & Rasmussen, LLP is proud to announce that Sasha has become a partner of the Firm!

24 NOV 2014

Herlife Magazine


Check out a recent article in Herlife magazine that features our own Sasha Sloup!

24 DEC 2014

Sasha D. Sloup + Herlife Magazine


An article in Herlife magazine features Sasha and her feelings about the legal system and family cases.

14 SEP 2014

Snider, Diehl & Rasmussen, LLP & California Supreme Court

On September 17, 2014 the California Supreme Court granted a Petition for Review filed by Snider, Diehl and Rasmussen, LLP in the case of Uriarte vs. Scott Sales Company, et al.